Sustainable Cities: Zurich, Switzerland

After visiting Portland and Bogotá in North and South America, we cross the pond to Switzerland and the city of Zurich. Rated by Dutch architecture company, Arcadis, as the most sustainable city in the world, Zurich leads the way in their environmental index, ranks very high economically, and is about average in the social index … Continue reading Sustainable Cities: Zurich, Switzerland

Post-Election Climate Change Denial

After May's disastrous election campaign resulted in a likely Tory-DUP coalition, the environmental future of the UK looks troublesome. The coalition of the science-rejecting Democratic Unionists Party (DUP) and the Conservatives already-weak stance on fighting climate change give us an idea of how the environment will be prioritised in the next few Tory-led years. The DUP from … Continue reading Post-Election Climate Change Denial

Is Trump Exiting the Paris Climate Agreement a Blessing in Disguise? 

After waking up and reading the news of Trump walking away from the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement it was difficult to see anything positive that could come from such an action. But what if there are positives to be found? Trump made no secret of his plans to exit the Paris Agreement throughout his campaign. … Continue reading Is Trump Exiting the Paris Climate Agreement a Blessing in Disguise?