London: The Worlds First National Park City?

London: The World's first National Park city. Sounds crazy, right? When we think of National Parks in the UK we think of wide open green spaces, lots of trees, lots of nature, certainly not the UK capital. But bear with me, it actually makes more sense than you might think. The Greater London National Park … Continue reading London: The Worlds First National Park City?

But, What if it’s a Hoax?

The cartoon below is perhaps one of my favourite climate change cartoons. What if Donald Trump is right? What if climate change is just a hoax perpetrated by the Chinese? And what if everything that's being done now to transition away from fossil fuels to green energy, better air quality, and a much greener environment … Continue reading But, What if it’s a Hoax?

Sustainable Cities: Singapore, Singapore

The next sustainable city is Singapore. Located in South East Asia, the city is a country in its own right with a population of nearly 6 million. Having been lucky enough to visit the city a couple of times, it is a spectacular city and is almost pioneering new ways forward to become more sustainable. … Continue reading Sustainable Cities: Singapore, Singapore

COP23: Day Six

Day Six of COP23 looks at human settlements, transport, and our oceans. Like Day Five with energy, agriculture, and water there were a number of press releases highlighting the importance of climate action in each of the named sectors. Urban areas contribute to about 40% of greenhouse gas emissions, but their role in other areas of … Continue reading COP23: Day Six

COP23: Day Three

The third day of the COP23 climate conference was another quiet day with meetings between the COP23 presidency, UNFCCC NGOs and National Parties taking part in the conference. Things are beginning to build now before the bigger events start on Friday. From Friday onwards, there are thematic days run by Global Climate Action (GCA); different … Continue reading COP23: Day Three