Month: December 2017

What Does Sustainability Mean to Trump?

Apparently, not much. As we get further and further into the drama of a Trump presidency there seems to be something new for people to be outraged at. Most of it, perhaps rightfully so. The GOP Tax Cuts, the FCC vote on Net Neutrality, and not renewing the funding of the CHIP (Children's Health Insurance ...


East of England Co-op Announces Plans to Reduce its Waste

The independent food retailer, East of England Co-op, in East Anglia has announced plans to reduce the amount of waste from its stores. Currently, stores won't sell products that go beyond their 'best before' date. Once foodstuffs do, they get thrown out. The chain of stores will now sell any tinned products that are still ...

Strawless in Seattle

An industry-led campaign playing on the famous 'Sleepless in Seattle' movie has succeeded in banning plastic straws and utensils being given handed out with food and drink. The ban will come into force in July 2018 with fines for businesses that do not offer these alternative options to customers. However, over 200 businesses are already getting ...