The Big Apple Is Going Green!

Bill de Blasio, Mayor of New York City announced yesterday the New York would not only be divesting away from fossil fuels but planning to sue a number of oil and gas companies for damages from natural disasters enhanced by climate change. The move by New York would make it the first US city to … Continue reading The Big Apple Is Going Green!

Sustainable Cities: Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver. Home of the Canucks, the 2010 Winter Olympics, and one of the largest urban parks in North America; Stanley Park which is just over 1,000 acres (Twice the size of London's Olympic Park!). Found on the west coast of Canada, just north of the city of Seattle, USA, Vancouver is home to nearly 2.5 … Continue reading Sustainable Cities: Vancouver, Canada

Oxygen-deficient Oceans

A new report from UNESCO's Oceanographic Commission has found that ocean 'dead zones' have quadrupled in size since the 1950s. These ocean dead zones are areas that have oxygen deficiencies are unable to support the vast majority of oceanic life, also having the potential to lead to mass extinction events in the future. Dead zones … Continue reading Oxygen-deficient Oceans