Month: July 2018

Forest Green Rovers go Greener!

Unfortunately, football isn’t typically an environmentally friendly sport. From pre-season tours in countries all over the world, using floodlights and UVC radiation lights on natural turf, and even serving up poorly sourced meats in a big greasy burger for the fans at half-time. Some teams in England even fly short distances for domestic league games! ...


Record-Breaking Heat

It's arguably been one of the nicest summers in the UK for a very long time. Having spent the last 5 weeks there and barely seeing a single drop of rain, the warm temperatures and sun have been a welcome change to the usual British summer that includes a lot of rain, despite the typical ...

Natural Singapore

Back in November 2017, as part of the 'Sustainable Cities' series I was writing at the time, I posted a blog on the sustainability of Singapore. Well, as I had a day stopover on my flight back to Perth to finish my degree, I thought I'd update that with a new post and visit some ...