Month: August 2018

The Mess of Australian Politics

In a world of Trump and Brexit, it's hard to think of any country more of a mess politically than the USA and UK. Well, Australia is definitely trying their hardest to keep up. This isn't a brand new series of events for Australia either. There have been 6 different Prime Ministers in the last ...


Rethink Your Waste

In the last home game of the normal AFL season, the West Coast Eagles ran their 'Rethink Your Waste' campaign. The campaign aimed to keep the stadium cleaner after games and increase public awareness of recycling, encouraging people to not only recycle better in the stadium but to also do more in their daily lives. Large ...

Renewable Energy in Europe is Looking Positive!

The EU has also recently increased its target for the percentage of energy generated by renewables by 2030. Whilst the UK only wanted to raise the target to 30%, a number of countries, including France, argued for the 32%, whilst some feel that the targets could have been increased further (Spain and Italy). Environmental groups ...