Month: January 2019

Palm Oil: Can it be Sustainable?

Palm oil production is often vilified. Almost all of us have seen the Greenpeace video, 'there's a Rang-tan in my bedroom' (I've included a link below if you haven't) that shows us the impact that palm oil plantations are having on a lot of the rainforest in Malaysia and Indonesia, pushing animals like the Orangutan ...


The Nerve of the UK Fossil Fuel Industry

Last week it was revealed that the chief executive of fracking giant Cuadrilla penned a letter to UK MPs calling on them to relax regulations on the strength of earthquakes that are allowed during the fracking process. Despite heavy opposition from locals and environmental activists, Cuadrilla was given a licence to begin drilling at their ...

Recycling Your Christmas Tree

The lights come down, the decorations come off the tree and the Christmas festivity gets put away until the final months of 2019. Artificial Christmas trees are packed up and put away until next Christmas, but how can you dispose of real Christmas trees in the most environmentally friendly way possible? Natural Christmas trees are ...