Month: June 2019

Amazon Rainforest Destruction

The Amazon Rainforest is one of the most ecologically diverse regions in the world. 10% of the world's animal species are found in the South American rainforest and it is home to hundreds of Indigenous tribes, some of which have never been contacted. The rainforest spans 9 countries including Venezuela, Colombia and Peru. However, the ...


Why are we still Struggling with Air Pollution?

Have you ever looked at pictures of a city skyline and noticed a haze blurring or shrouding the view? Unless it's a naturally foggy day there's a very good chance that that's air pollution. When we're in cities it isn't always something we can see but, in just about every city around the world, it's ...

No Matter What She Does Now, Theresa May’s Legacy Will Be Her Brexit Failures

Late on Tuesday evening, Theresa May announced that she would be writing into legislation a commitment for the UK to achieve zero net emissions by 2050. This makes the UK one of the few European countries with legislated commitments to going carbon neutral after the likes of Norway (2030) and Finland (2035). The commitment doesn't need ...