Month: July 2019

A Cabinet Devoid of Climate Leadership

Last Wednesday, a new face took residence of Number 10 Downing Street. Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson was elected leader of the Conservative Party and the new UK Prime Minister after Theresa May stood down two months ago. 150,000 Conservative Party members chose Johnson over Jeremy Hunt who was defeated with less than a third ...


Sorry Ineos, But The Plastic Crisis Goes Way Beyond Waste Plastic

Just a few weeks ago, the BBC One programme, War On Plastic, introduced many to how plastics are created and where one-third of the 1.8 million tonnes of UK plastic is produced. During the programme, rather than take any responsibility for the plastic crises we currently face, they shifted the blame to others, citing the inability ...

Why Won’t Politicians Debate Climate Change?

It's one of the biggest threats to our future existence. Millions, if not billions, of people around the world will be affected by impacts of the climate emergency like drought, rising sea levels and increasingly extreme weather events. Despite that, and the cost of the climate emergency to countries, action on tackling it still seems ...