Our Planet is at a tipping point. The climate is changing and the impact humans are having on the environment is leading us towards disaster. The need for humans to live more sustainable lives is becoming increasingly vital; the way we live now will dictate how future generations will be able to live theirs.

Unfortunately, the concept of sustainability rarely makes the news. The impacts we have on our environment or health complications related to air pollution are seen occasionally, but how can we improve the dangerous situation we find ourselves in?

That’s where Think Sustainability comes in.

Think Sustainability is designed to help educate and encourage behaviour change that will lead to greater sustainability in every aspect of our lives and improve the possibilities for generations to come. Sustainability is a global issue, that’s why we have writers from all over the world discussing sustainability issues and challenges and what we can do better no matter where we’re from. Whilst it may seem out of hands, there are small changes that each of us can make at a local level that will have some of the biggest positive impacts to our world, we just need to know what they are. Chances are they’ll have a number of health benefits and economic benefits for each of us too!

At Think Sustainability we want to look at all of the positive stories, as well as the challenges we’re facing, around the world and across every scale to help build awareness of the importance of becoming more sustainable. From the global initiatives to reduce carbon emissions and develop healthier environments, to those picking up litter to keep our environment clean and helping to raise awareness, we want to champion those who are working hard to improve our planet and make it sustainable for future generations. For something so important, sustainability receives very little coverage. It’s time that changed.

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