The Tories’ Sewage Shame

In delivering Brexit, the UK public were promised a 'green Brexit'; one where environmental regulations would be improved on what the UK had when they were part of the European Union. In fact, we were told the EU were holding the UK back when it came to protecting the natural environment. Whilst there have been … Continue reading The Tories’ Sewage Shame

Recyclable Waste Going up in Smoke

Waste management is a huge problem all of the world. Plastics have quite literally been discovered at the highest peaks and the deepest depths, poorer countries are receiving waste from richer countries despite not having the capacity to get rid of it, and its now being reported that 1 billion tonnes of food are being … Continue reading Recyclable Waste Going up in Smoke

The Need to Achieve Sustainability

Sustainability isn't just a buzzword for countries to use to make them sound like they're being environmentally friendly, nor is it something the 'elites' are using to lower the average persons standard of living; sustainability is all about finding a long-term balance between money, the environment and society. Sustainability can work across a number of … Continue reading The Need to Achieve Sustainability

Fossil Fuels Over Freedom

The right to protest is enshrined in law in countries all over the world. Internationally, Article 20 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights states that "everyone has the right to freedom of peaceful assembly and association." In the EU there is the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) which has its own version but … Continue reading Fossil Fuels Over Freedom

Subsidising Our Downfall

There is no doubt that are climate is changing. Global temperatures are rising, sea ice and glaciers are shrinking, oceans are getting hotter and the sea levels are beginning to rise faster and faster. Without urgent change the impacts of the climate emergency will only get worse and leave more of the planet uninhabitable. Countries … Continue reading Subsidising Our Downfall

The Return of American Leadership in Tackling the Climate Emergency

The days after Biden's administration there seemed to be a certain amount of peace. At a time of so much anger, division, and living under constantly changing lockdown rules, this was a moment where everything just felt right in the world. No longer was I waking up and checking my phone, wandering what new story … Continue reading The Return of American Leadership in Tackling the Climate Emergency

Book Review: You Can Save The World

The climate crisis is a monumental challenge that can often seem too big for us as individuals to have any impact in tackling. Huge factories and power stations bellow out millions of tonnes of greenhouse gases, millions of flights take off and land each and every day, and millions of hectares of forest and rainforest … Continue reading Book Review: You Can Save The World