15-Minute City Protests

Last Saturday thousands of people travelled to Oxford to protest the city council's plans to turn Oxford into a 15-minute city. For a bit of background, the goal of a 15-minute city essentially reducing the amount of private car use and making urban areas more walkable, prioritising public transport and walking to reach central community … Continue reading 15-Minute City Protests


Why Sustainability Needs an Interdisciplinary Approach

The need for sustainability has become increasingly important. A study done by Southern Cross University reports that 93% of participants expressed general concerns regarding the condition of the environment, and 77% wanted to learn more about sustainable living. Though on the bright side, a majority of the respondents already practice eco-friendly acts like recycling and avoiding single-use … Continue reading Why Sustainability Needs an Interdisciplinary Approach

Recyclable Waste Going up in Smoke

Waste management is a huge problem all of the world. Plastics have quite literally been discovered at the highest peaks and the deepest depths, poorer countries are receiving waste from richer countries despite not having the capacity to get rid of it, and its now being reported that 1 billion tonnes of food are being … Continue reading Recyclable Waste Going up in Smoke

The Need to Achieve Sustainability

Sustainability isn't just a buzzword for countries to use to make them sound like they're being environmentally friendly, nor is it something the 'elites' are using to lower the average persons standard of living; sustainability is all about finding a long-term balance between money, the environment and society. Sustainability can work across a number of … Continue reading The Need to Achieve Sustainability