Category: Climate Change

New US Climate Change Report Confirms What We All Knew

Well, what most people knew. Today, a new US report has found that it is extremely likely that climate change is manmade. Put together by over 50 climate scientists, the report suggests that there is a 95% certainty that humans are causing the climate change that we see today; mostly through carbon emissions through the burning ...


Hurricane Season Hits The Americas

Hurricane season has only just begun and already we've seen two devastating hurricanes hit Texas, the Caribbean, and now Florida. Hurricane Harvey is estimated to have killed 70 people and had caused huge amounts of flooding damage. The total cost of Harvey is expected to be in the hundreds of billions as residents begin to ...

Post-Election Climate Change Denial

After May's disastrous election campaign resulted in a likely Tory-DUP coalition, the environmental future of the UK looks troublesome. The coalition of the science-rejecting Democratic Unionists Party (DUP) and the Conservatives already-weak stance on fighting climate change give us an idea of how the environment will be prioritised in the next few Tory-led years. The DUP from ...