Category: Climate Change

Chetna Organic Agriculture Producer Company Ltd – Cotton in India

Around the world, there are thought to be over 100 million households engaged in the growth and production of cotton and over 300 million people employed at any point along the production line. It's the world's oldest commercial crop and for many developing countries it is a large part of their GDP. However, many of ...


The Arctic Heatwave​

Like a scene from 'The Day After Tomorrow', freezing temperatures and record levels of snow are being seen and recorded all over the UK and mainland Europe. It's due to record warming of the Arctic Circle and its bringing whole countries to a standstill. But what is causing this 'freak' weather, and does climate change ...

Goal 2: Zero Hunger

Following on from last week's look at the first Sustainable Development Goal (SDG), the second SDG is 'Zero Hunger'. This goal not only looks at the current level of hunger around the world but at the security of food sources going into a future that will see a projected population rise of more than two billion ...