Football’s Environmental Footprint

The last few months have had so many ups and downs. One of the closest Premier League title races in years is over, the Manchester City domestic treble, and we are just days away from an all-English Europa League and Champions League final. For those of us that love football, it has been one hell … Continue reading Football’s Environmental Footprint

Disproving the Myth: Electric Cars vs Diesel Cars

I never thought I'd be writing about this, but a friend of my parents, who does work within the oil industry, was adamant that electric cars had a larger carbon footprint than diesel cars. To me, the thought of that is crazy. Electric cars are the future of road travel and soon everyone will be … Continue reading Disproving the Myth: Electric Cars vs Diesel Cars

UK Earth Overshoot Day

Today is the UK's Earth Overshoot Day. Earth Overshoot Day is the day when we consume the total resources available to us sustainably. Resources used sustainably can be replenished each year but as you'll see we are over-exceeding that quite dramatically. Calculating what day is Earth Overshoot Day is done by dividing the Earth's biological … Continue reading UK Earth Overshoot Day

Earth Day 2019: Protect our Species

Yesterday was the 49th Earth Day and its theme was "Protect our Species." We are all contributing to one of the biggest mass extinction events. Climate change, deforestation, habitat loss, trafficking and poaching, unsustainable agriculture, pollution and pesticides are all contributing factors to a huge number of extinctions in recent years. Fortunately, it's something we … Continue reading Earth Day 2019: Protect our Species

Does Renewable Energy have a Viable Future?

100% global renewable energy. A utopic dream or a future reality?     If we are to limit average global temperature rise to the maximum of 2℃ in the Paris Agreement, or 1.5℃ as many scientists argue, ensuring that everyone around the world receives energy produced from renewable sources is vital and will go a … Continue reading Does Renewable Energy have a Viable Future?

Does the Fossil Fuel Industry have too much Influence?

I seem to be starting so many of my recent blogs the same way at the moment, but when there is so little being done to tackle climate change, even with a 12-year deadline from scientists, it's hard not to find yourself continually repeating the dangers if we don't act. Climate change is fast becoming … Continue reading Does the Fossil Fuel Industry have too much Influence?

We All Need to Declare a Climate Emergency

Today is Brexit Day, or, was supposed to be anyway. I had always planned to write something related to Brexit, trying to work out what is going on and in what direction we're heading. But even those who have been following Brexit a lot closer than myself are lost on what is happening. Parliament can't … Continue reading We All Need to Declare a Climate Emergency

Recognising World Water Day

March 22nd 2019 is World Water Day and this year's theme is 'Leaving no one behind', recognising that water is available and sustainably managed for everyone around the world to use. Ensuring that everyone has access to clean water is Sustainable Development Goal 6, with the United Nations hoping to ensure this by 2030. Here are … Continue reading Recognising World Water Day