COP23: Day Five

°It's Day Five of the COP23 and time for nations to begin talking about climate action. More specifically, events in the Bonn and Bula zones will be looking at the role of energy, water, and agriculture in the future and how each sector can be more sustainable. There were a number of press releases early … Continue reading COP23: Day Five

COP23: Day Three

The third day of the COP23 climate conference was another quiet day with meetings between the COP23 presidency, UNFCCC NGOs and National Parties taking part in the conference. Things are beginning to build now before the bigger events start on Friday. From Friday onwards, there are thematic days run by Global Climate Action (GCA); different … Continue reading COP23: Day Three

COP23: Day One

The COP23 climate change conference in Bonn, Germany, began with a number of calls for countries to continue to work in line with the Paris Agreement from 2015. The Prime Minister of Fiji, Frank Bainimarama, now the COP President, vowed to end the suffering that has affected millions of people worldwide. Hurricanes that have hit … Continue reading COP23: Day One

New US Climate Change Report Confirms What We All Knew

Well, what most people knew. Today, a new US report has found that it is extremely likely that climate change is manmade. Put together by over 50 climate scientists, the report suggests that there is a 95% certainty that humans are causing the climate change that we see today; mostly through carbon emissions through the burning … Continue reading New US Climate Change Report Confirms What We All Knew

Now The EPA Is Challenging Free Speech in America

At a time of fierce debate in America regarding free speech, Scott Pruitt and the American Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have jumped in and forced three agency scientists not to speak at a recent climate change conference in Rhode Island. Given the debate over free speech in America (NFL players taking a knee during the … Continue reading Now The EPA Is Challenging Free Speech in America

The Key Battleground of Climate Change: Cities

In 2007, a huge population milestone was achieved. It was found that over 50% of the global population was living in urban areas compared to rural areas. Never before has this been seen. As the global population continues to rise (currently at 7.5 billion but projected to reach 10 billion around 2050), cities and urban … Continue reading The Key Battleground of Climate Change: Cities