Category: Sustainability

Coles Continues to ‘Bagflip’ on Plastic Ban Charge

After commiting to reducing their plastic waste by no longer giving out free single-use plastic bags, Coles have now been presurised by unhappy consumers to extending the free giveaway of reusable plastic bags to August 29th. Coles stopped the distribution of their grey, single-use carrier bags back on the 1st of July but offered customers ...


Forest Green Rovers go Greener!

Unfortunately, football isn’t typically an environmentally friendly sport. From pre-season tours in countries all over the world, using floodlights and UVC radiation lights on natural turf, and even serving up poorly sourced meats in a big greasy burger for the fans at half-time. Some teams in England even fly short distances for domestic league games! ...

Natural Singapore

Back in November 2017, as part of the 'Sustainable Cities' series I was writing at the time, I posted a blog on the sustainability of Singapore. Well, as I had a day stopover on my flight back to Perth to finish my degree, I thought I'd update that with a new post and visit some ...