Category: Sustainable Development

Sustainable Cities: Bogotá, Colombia

Second to feature in the Sustainable Cities series is Bogotá, Colombia. Yes, the country that is probably best known for the infamous drug lord, Pablo Escobar, is actually an increasingly sustainable city and doing some remarkable things that not many other places on the planet are able to achieve. It's Bus Rapid Transport (BRT) system ...


Sustainable Cities: Portland, USA

The sustainable development of global cities is vital in reducing the effects and impacts of climate change, and so, each week I will look at a global city and what it is doing to make cities more sustainable. In a growing global population with mass migration from rural areas to urban areas, the sustainable growth ...

Why Sustainability?

It would probably be a good place to start, explaining just what sustainability is and why it's so important. It first received major international recognition in 1992 with Agenda 21 at the Rio De Janeiro Earth Summit on Environment and Development and is now commonplace in environmental legislation in many nations around the world. The ...