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Sorry Ineos, But The Plastic Crisis Goes Way Beyond Waste Plastic

Just a few weeks ago, the BBC One programme, War On Plastic, introduced many to how plastics are created and where one-third of the 1.8 million tonnes of UK plastic is produced. During the programme, rather than take any responsibility for the plastic crises we currently face, they shifted the blame to others, citing the inability ...


Cutting Down on Plastic in 2019

2018 was a huge year in raising awareness of the problem of plastic and the effect that it's having on the environment and to critical ecosystems. The final episode of David Attenborough's Blue Planet II was arguably the biggest moment when a lot of people realised what impact plastic was having on our environment and wanted ...

Recycling Your Christmas Tree

The lights come down, the decorations come off the tree and the Christmas festivity gets put away until the final months of 2019. Artificial Christmas trees are packed up and put away until next Christmas, but how can you dispose of real Christmas trees in the most environmentally friendly way possible? Natural Christmas trees are ...