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The Environmental Cost of Donald Trump’s Wall

I call it Donald Trump's wall because that's exactly what it is. The US President sells it as a wall that the American people need for security and protection from illegal immigration, but he uses false figures and continually stirs up hatred to gain supporters from his Conservative base. In an address to the nation ...



A slight change of pace to what is usually posted on Think Sustainability, but certainly well worth it... Over the last year, a close friend of mine has travelled across India, Nepal, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia and spent the last few months in New Zealand. After 25,000 pictures and a lot of time spent editing, he produced ...

Natural Singapore

Back in November 2017, as part of the 'Sustainable Cities' series I was writing at the time, I posted a blog on the sustainability of Singapore. Well, as I had a day stopover on my flight back to Perth to finish my degree, I thought I'd update that with a new post and visit some ...