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Does the Fossil Fuel Industry have too much Influence?

I seem to be starting so many of my recent blogs the same way at the moment, but when there is so little being done to tackle climate change, even with a 12-year deadline from scientists, it's hard not to find yourself continually repeating the dangers if we don't act. Climate change is fast becoming ...


The Nerve of the UK Fossil Fuel Industry

Last week it was revealed that the chief executive of fracking giant Cuadrilla penned a letter to UK MPs calling on them to relax regulations on the strength of earthquakes that are allowed during the fracking process. Despite heavy opposition from locals and environmental activists, Cuadrilla was given a licence to begin drilling at their ...

What the US Midterms Mean for Climate Change

Yesterday saw one of the most important America midterm elections in recent history. The results saw Donald Trump and the Republicans add to their advantage in the Senate by flipping three democratic seats in favourable States won by the President back in 2016. However, they did concede control of the House with a number of ...