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Why Won’t Politicians Debate Climate Change?

It's one of the biggest threats to our future existence. Millions, if not billions, of people around the world will be affected by impacts of the climate emergency like drought, rising sea levels and increasingly extreme weather events. Despite that, and the cost of the climate emergency to countries, action on tackling it still seems ...


No Matter What She Does Now, Theresa May’s Legacy Will Be Her Brexit Failures

Late on Tuesday evening, Theresa May announced that she would be writing into legislation a commitment for the UK to achieve zero net emissions by 2050. This makes the UK one of the few European countries with legislated commitments to going carbon neutral after the likes of Norway (2030) and Finland (2035). The commitment doesn't need ...

Record-Breaking Heat

It's arguably been one of the nicest summers in the UK for a very long time. Having spent the last 5 weeks there and barely seeing a single drop of rain, the warm temperatures and sun have been a welcome change to the usual British summer that includes a lot of rain, despite the typical ...