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My name is Mike! I’m originally from Southampton, UK but currently based out in Perth,
Australia studying a Masters in Sustainable Development. My passion for sustainability DSC02580has developed through my time studying at Plymouth University and now at Murdoch
University. Sustainability is a vitally important issue in furthering global development in a way that protects and enhances the environment whilst improving many of the social issues in the world today, as well as continued economic growth around the world.


My name is Chris! I was born in Southampton and have lived my entire life on the edge of the New Forest. Although I first became interested in the environment when I was 10 years old and took a trip to the Maldives just six weeks after the Boxing Day Tsunami 12669544_1701147076823733_79947059180100768_nthat destroyed huge areas of South East Asia in 2004. Seeing the devastation of an event like this and how local people reacted to the situation inspired me to take an interest in the environment! I have a degree in Environmental Science from Plymouth University and this blog will help me to share information and opinions I have developed throughout my life and pass them on.


My name is Dom, I was originally brought up in Oxford before moving to Plymouth University to study Geography. After spending some time travelling through Latin America and working in GIS, I decided to go back into education in order to pursue my Dompassion for sustainability. I am currently studying a Master’s degree in Sustainability and Consultancy at Leeds University. I hope to utilise expertise developed throughout my education to aid the essential transition to a more sustainable, low carbon economy. My key interests in this area include ecological economics, corporate social responsibility and greenhouse gas reduction.